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"War on Their Minds" Mission Statement

>Every senior citizen is a walking history book whose life is a small but important component of our national experience. We are well aware of the reality that the men and women born in the 1910's and the 1920's are rapidly leaving us and believe that their recollections should be recorded for posterity.

>The 1930's and 1940's tested this generation of Americans more than any other since the Civil War. They stepped up when the world was being overrun by tyrants who had created militaries that operated like murder machines. Tom Brokaw calls them "The Greatest Generation" for their efforts to make the world safe for democracy.

>Younger Americans need to make the cross-generation connections to hear the stories, the wisdom, and the life-long lessons our seniors have learned. Current high school students will eventually take the reins of power and hope to build upon what we too often take for granted.

The Editorial Staff

The Wayland High School History Project crew is based in Wayland, Massachusetts. Our town is home to 13,000 citizens who reside 15 miles west of Boston. Fifty high school juniors from two United States history classes began this e-journal during the Spring of 2001. Forty additional pupils refined and added to the original site in the Spring of 2002. Generous funding comes from the Wayland Public Schools Foundation and the Wayland Council on Aging.

2002 Teacher Advisor
Kevin Delaney



2002 Student Co-Editors
Laura Englander
Lindsay LeCain
Katie Steinberg
Tiffany Swift


2002 WebMasters
Mike Zaffetti
Cathie Kim
Mike Weiler
Vishnu Kannabiran
Adam Romanow


2002 Technology Teacher
Mrs. Bethann Monahan


2002 Interview Teams
(1) Tim Gustus/Fran Sanchez
(2) Jon Trimby/Rich Scioli
(3) Susannah Bechtel/Marisa Falone
(4) Alia Greenbaum
(5) Miriam Sopin-Vilme/Mary McConnell
(6) Martin Adler/John Peterson
(7) David Samet/Rich Trueblood
(8) Christina Lopez/Gail Winning
(9) Stephanie Wohler/Cody Gantz
(10) Vincent Chou/John Murray
(11) Geoff Buckle/Eric Kaufman
(12) Joanna Lippmann/Evelyn Dong
(13) Alyssa Parker-Geisman/Alison Tonsmiere/Sarah Greenleaf
(14) Adam Romanow
(15) Joe Downer/Jon Greenleaf
(16) Jason Xenakis/Chang Zhang


2001 Teacher Advisor
Kevin Delaney


2001 Student Co-Editors
Michael Ball
Kyle Judah
Lori Lerman
Larry Vanaria


2001 WebMasters
Larry Athan
Andre Duman
Ben Shapiro


2001 Technology Teachers
Mrs. Bethann Monahan
Mr. Derek Di Matteo


2001 Art Editors
Lisa Dopfel
Kelly Johanson


2001 Interview Teams
(1) Grant VanRanst/Nick Nappi-Kaehler
(2) John Berry/Matt Newton
(3) Val Yorston/Holly Carmody
(4) Rachel Santillo/Kim Smith
(5) Rebeccah Marsters/Naomi Axe
(6) Mike Shubin/Marc Terada
(7) Tom Arsenault
(8) Erin Kenney/Becky Dexter-Smith
(9) Erin Dopfel/Johanna Reed
(10) Taylor Schilling/Melinda Beira
(11) Jeff Tiberii/Zach Ducharme
(12) Nick Lordi/Chris Ginsberg
(13) Allison Bergman/Kim Berman
(14) Shaun Daniels/Stower Beals
(15) Carlos Sosa/Steve Fragale
(16) Vikki Castellucci/Becca Harrington
(17) Chris Hebert/Mark Rudenauer
(18) Julia May/Steve Lash
(19) Veronica May/Melanie Gaffney
(20) Mike Onoyan/Nathalie Kocher/Matt Heller
(21) Corey Katz/Sam Melnick
(22) Monique Tetreault
(23) Tiffany Swift/Matt Becker
(24) Will Fulton
(25) Jason Xenakis/Chang Zhang
(26) Hank Sway
(27) Chris Bryant
(28) Jon Sonis
(29) Rich Langweber/Jessie McCormack


Special Thanks

To all the interviewees who endowed us with their time and memories.

To the Wayland Public Schools Foundation and the Wayland Council on Aging,  co-funders of the project.

To Mr. John Turchinetz, patriot extrordinaire, for all of his tireless help lining up interviewees.

Additional thanks to Ellery Harrington, Mr. Albie Cincotti, Mrs. Jean Tower, Mr. Richard Weingartner, Mr. Joe McCoy, and Mr. Eric Olsen for support.