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"You don't have anything if you don't have the stories."

      -Leslie Marmon Silko

Welcome to "War on Their Minds: Memories of the World War II Years", a collection of 44 transcribed interviews, pictures, images of war-time memorabilia, and audio segments.

In order to view the slide show, you must have a shockwave player. Click the Download Now button to download this player from the shockwave website.

Click here to view the full slideshow of pictures of our interviewees from 1945 and 2002, with soundtrack of "I'll be seeing you" by Tommy Dorsey and Frank Sinatra. Warning! This file is roughly 12 megabytes. Only click on this page if you have a fast connection to the internet, or if you are very, very patient.

The Interview pages contain the full text transcripts of the interviews. They offer a unique view into the lives of these veterans and are valuable primary source documents suitable for use by students and in research papers.

We also offer a page of links to other World War Two resources around the Web. We hope that this project proves a valuable contribution to this growing body of research.

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Finally, you may be interested in learning about the people who put this project together, in which case we encourage you to read the About Us section of this web site.